VR Video Production

VR8 ET-2, Advanced Optical Flow Camera
VR8 Stitcher, Seamless 360 Video Stitching & Production Software
VR8 Player, 360 Video player
Complete 360 video production solution

VR Live Streaming 

An easy to operate, all-in one 360 Video Streaming Solution, with low latency, and high quality footage at the right price. 

VR8 ET-2

Advanced Optic-flow based hardware design
Ultra short safe-filming distance (<30cm)
Record and process 6DoF depth information


Using our DIVE (Deep Immersive Video Experience) VR production technology, we create high-quality original content, from our VR travel documentary “Tripping with BaiWei” to “Nonsense Theater”, and a wedding in VR! Our IPs have been licensed and featured on major domestic VR content stores such as the Huawei, Xiaomi and Pico app stores.

FXG Bridge

A one-stop shop for game localization services. Professional game translations, dubbing, promotion, event planning, copyright protection and other localization services.

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