AR Tech Taking Fashion to the Moon

“Technology inspires art just as much as art inspires technology. By cultivating a deeper dialogue between the two and nourishing it with creativity, they harmonize.” 


Nowadays, we live, work, eat, sleep and breathe technology. It has permeated nearly every waking moment of our lives. Yet, there is one universally shared aspect of the human condition that has yet to really see a pronounced integration of technology in how we use it: what we wear.


As one of the oldest and most pervasively common aspects of the human condition, our wardrobe has yet to really see a strong movement trying to adorn it in a more technological fashion. Well, one company is trying to set a new trend by weaving visually engaging and interactive tech into the fabric of what we wear.


The Lunar Chaser Shirt is a wearable expression of its creator's yearning for the Moon. 8 lunar phases are brought to life on the front through lenticular technology, changing the image based on the angle you view them from. While the back side of the shirt, you are able to interact with the graphic by playing a moon landing Augmented Reality game on your phone. Handwritten calligraphy and a specially designed cinnabar seal help land the space-themed suit on a higher plain of artistry. 

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